Warm Hugs Beats Freezing Temps – Jenna + Blake

Planning those perfect seasonal sessions don’t always go as planned, but it is our reactions to the given scenario which can make the sun shine through!

Michigan is notorious for its weather pattern mood swings. So, when we hit some high temperatures in January, alas, all the snow melted for Jenna and Blake’s winter engagement session. We had to look at pushing back the session for a week or two until we would get more snow. Well, little did we know that the next snowfall would come with beyond freezing temperatures.

We love having clients that take the bull by the horns and just go with it! Well, that’s exactly what these two did! They made snow angels, gave piggy back rides, and even had a snow fight (which Blake started, by the way). With hardly ever a complaint, these two had no problem showing mother nature how strong their love for one another is. Even their Golden Retriever, Winston joined in on the fun amidst chilled temperatures!

There we were, shooting their images while bundled up in coats, hats, gloves, boots, scarfs, while Jenna and Blake were taking their coats off more often than putting them on. Their positive attitudes were very refreshing 🙂 (Mind you, we did sneak a few warm up breaks in our cars throughout the session.)

Geshe Kelsang Gyatso states, ” We do not need to be unhappy, just because things don’t go our way”  and on this arctic day, a day to celebrate their engagement, Jenna and Blake chose happiness – no matter what the elements threw at them.

Jenna + Blake, when looking back at these photos, remember that the warmth in your hearts defeated the cold in the air!

We will never forget this frigid day. However, we DO look forward to the warmth of your wedding day!!! 




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